No 1 About me

I consider myself “good weird”. I am a level 10 foodie, I’ve worked as a matchmaker, and I’m happiest out on the ski slopes. I get fired up about fem-tech, food-tech, and lgbtq+ advocacy.

Added wedding officiant to my list of credentials in 2019

No 2 Work-wise

When I’m in work mode, I harness the power of teams to build future-proof businesses.

With an academic background in cross-cultural communication, decision making & social influence, I place emphasis and value on facilitation as a tool to be efficient and effective while leading teams to their “aha” moments. 

My cross-disciplinary tech career background in product & engineering, UX & operations management, and consulting, gives me a holistic view in owning a product and creating a solid, future-proof business. 

Working with a favorite Belgian client of mine leading a 6 month accelerator for IT consultants applying design thinking to their clients.

I love growing high-performing teams, and consider myself a people-centric leader, focused on helping people move fast & get results together.

At the end of 2018, I became the lead of a consulting team of 5 at Board of Innovation. We grew to 10 at our largest point, and worked on some kick-ass projects all over the world!

No 2 Experience

I believe teams can make magic with the right ingredients. 

Over the course of my 10+ year career, I’ve collected learnings, experiences, and stories. I spent time working in cross-functional roles at Google from operations to product management to user experience. Seeking a radical new adventure and experience in business and entrepreneurship, I quit my job and moved across the world to work in business design and innovation. I wrote about it and it went viral; I made so many connections with people who felt the same!

Faces I met online before joining them in person, that later became great friends and colleagues – I moved to Belgium without ever having been there!

 For the last few years, I’ve helped companies big and small challenge the status quo through super practical, hands-on collaboration methods to define their strategies and create new products, services, and business models. Favorite clients of mine include SOS Children’s Villages, Novartis, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, General Electric, Ahold Delhaize. 

Workshopping on Halloween, my favorite holiday! I ran multiple week-long ‘Strategic Growth Mindset’ trainings for GE executives teaching business modeling & innovation at their campus in New York.
I love to run large-format workshops! This one was in Beruit, Lebanon for 180 executives in the airline business.

I’m also proud of having led the Google Design Sprint Master Academy in my 20% time at Google, training 500+ Google design sprint masters around the globe. I’ve spoken to audiences of all sizes all over the world about my experience, from South by Southwest in Austin, TX to Google’s annual Design Sprint Conference to user experience meetups in Cairo, Egypt. Some of my favorite keynote topics include Cross-cultural innovation & collaboration and The rise of mature UX teams in product development

Ask me about how I:

  • Set common goals & values for our engineering organization
  • Created an innovation strategy for product launch excellence 
  • Set a strategy for our product ecosystem in Pharma
  • Expose the magic of our content engine in a delightful way for users
  • Understand the IVF fertility journey from a patient & practitioner perspective
  • Make critical design architecture decisions for our joint systems

No 3 How I work

  • I practice what I preach
  • I believe focused teams are effective teams
  • I believe in the power of great communication
  • I believe that people together are more than the sum of their parts

No 4 Connect

No 5 My Location

I’ve just relocated back to San Francisco from Antwerp, Belgium, where I’ve spent my time cooking, learning Spanish, and going on photo walks while dreaming of names for my future pug. 

Luckily with an internet connection, I’m happy to work from anywhere!