No 1 About Project

Clinova, an innovative consumer healthcare company started by pharmacists and based in the UK, came with the challenge of moving into the digital healthcare space. 

The team had spent 2 years building their product, Caidr – a symptom checker and diagnosis app that they believe will revolutionize healthcare. But before they could secure additional funding, the team needed to battle-test and prepare for a strong valuation with a business model that investors could feel confident and excited about. 

No 2 The Process


Together, we mapped 4 business models, and the Clinova team faced several rounds of direct challenging from myself and 2 senior colleagues I had brought in for the task. In essence, we  acted as potential investors would, poking holes from every possible angle. We didn’t shy away from asking the hard questions, because that’s exactly what they wanted to pressure-test before meeting with potential partners.


I dug into the stakeholder landscape, target customer segments, and key assumptions that needed to be validated in order for the business model to succeed. And as a result, they decided to completely shift their priorities. 

Finally, with a sound business model secured, along with a graphic designer, I helped them design a brand package to show to their investors and tell a cohesive, persuasive, wallet-opening story.

No 3 Roles

  • Project Lead
  • Account Lead
  • Challenger

No 4 Testimony

What I would say is, what surprised me a lot about you, Claire, was actually how quickly you got up to speed on something that I’ve been working on for two years…You were asking questions we  hadn’t really even thought about. So it was fascinating just to see, well, you must have dealt with similar businesses or similar problems in our business to be able to even unlock and unpack them. ”

Albert Hammond, CFO, Caidr

No 5 Results

The Caidr self-diagnosis app went live in the App Store as of January 2020 and the collaboration with Caidr team is now a long-term partnership with Board of Innovation.

Not only were they enabled to have more meaningful conversations with investors (ensuring they could answer every question thrown at them) but the input triggered the Clinova team to reset the key focus of their Caidr business and re-allocate resources to a new approach and revenue stream for the product.

Caidr also published an Harvard Business Review case study in January 2020 on their scaling and growth story, which you can read here.

No 6 More Projects