No 1 About Project

SOS Children’s Villages, a 70+ year old global non-profit focused on supporting children, was looking to engage and retain existing donors, as well as seek new donor audiences in the Norwegian market. 

The SOS Barnebyer team realized that their current portfolio was not donor-centric. Their goals were twofold:

  1. Analyze the current portfolio to provide recommendations for investment in the right places
  2. Create a new product concept to increase revenue from donors.

As a bonus, they also wanted to learn this way of working to adapt into their work environment after the project ended.

Instagram post of SOS Children's remote presentation

This was a Board of Innovation .Social project

No 2 The Process

With a core team of 6 from diverse backgrounds, we followed a customized, fast paced, remote 14 week agenda of sprints from problem and market exploration to solution validation. We worked together in an agile format with a weekly cadence of workshops, stand-ups and cool-downs. 

Weekly 3-hr collaborative sessions were dedicated to working on everything from mapping the portfolio and business models to developing new concepts.

Starting from the initial challenge to increase revenue from donors, we expanded the scope beyond the existing donors, and into the largest untapped opportunity: donors of tomorrow, which included looking deeply into what is donor-centric for this new segment. We interviewed those in this target segment to more deeply understand their values and behaviors.

After 16 interviews, we clustered the insights and quotes to come up with themes of needs for our target segment.

We wanted to make sure our concept met the fundamental underlying needs of those we interviewed:

  • It had to aid them in activating others in their network
  • It had to confirm their identity
  • It had to result in concrete impact
  • It would fulfill the need of making giving a habit

We created several concepts and had a variety of potential value propositions, so we brought in an experiment designer to assist in concept testing via Facebook, as well as s skilled digital prototyper to make a landing page, mockups and a clickable prototype.

We ran Facebook campaigns towards our target audience to see which value proposition (if any) were of interest.

We also ran a heat-map test on our website to see what elements were most explored.

At the end of the engagement, I compiled 3 documents as a final hand-off to the team that would be taking the concept forward:

  • Process & Operations Readout, which included a breakdown of each sprint, tools and methods used, alongside learnings.
  • Insights & Recommendations Readout, which included a compilation of the key findings throughout the program, as well as suggested next steps and the path forward.
  • Final Concept Pitch Deck, with an overview of the concept, the prototype and the business model.

No 3 Roles

  • Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Portfolio Strategist
  • Product Strategist
  • Project Lead
  • Facilitator
  • Facilitator
  • Educator
  • Relationship Manager

No 4 Testimony

“Thanks so much for your engagement, great mood and hard work. We wouldn’t have come half the way without you. I’ve met and worked with quite a few consultants and facilitators over the years, and I have to say that you just might be the best I’ve had the chance to work with.”

— Head of Digital Business Development, SOS Barnebyer

No 5 Results

The project continued forward with the in-house product team to further refine the concept and secure buy-in at the leadership level on the completely updated portfolio strategy.

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