No 1 About Project

I brought a major EU grocery retailer and one of their biggest suppliers together to co-create with customers to address their needs around sustainable poultry.

Did you know that chicken breasts are so popular in the Benelux region, that lots of the thighs go to waste? This was a key learning that we built upon during our sprint.

Market needs around sustainability have been changing, and in some cases, grocery retailers have seen backlash around their meat products as consumers’ voices are raised. So, in order to get ahead of any potential future issues, this retailer wanted to create concepts that addressed sustainability pro-actively in ways that customers would respond well to in the market. They were excited to bring in one of their largest suppliers to co-create solutions together for this project.

No 2 The Process

We followed an 8-day design thinking track format over 2 weeks, including customer in-store observation and structured qualitative interviews. Insights were distilled into key customer needs, followed by a co-creation ideation session with customers, and concept development.

Finally, we brought 2 concepts to life with the help of a graphic designer, and tested several concepts in-store with shoppers.

The most notable piece of this project was the strong co-creation and human centered design focus.

During the interview phase, we learned about the decision making process that shoppers face when standing in the poultry aisle looking at all of their potential options. We observed shoppers in-store at the point-of-decision, asking questions after they put the item in their cart, which gave us even more insights.

Finally, we did a half-day of co-creation with some of our most creative and engaging shoppers. We brought in a few frequent poultry shoppers to ideate alongside our team – not only to see what ideas they had, but also to understand the key drivers behind those ideas and why they mattered.

No 3 Roles

  • Project Lead
  • Program Designer
  • Design Sprint Master

No 4 Testimony

“The concepts were well received and we’re moving forward with both concepts (in slightly altered forms).”

— Customer Insights Specialist & Project Sponsor

No 5 Results

This client was able to utilize this project to secure internal buy-in for their sustainability vision, solidified with the insights gleaned from customers. Additionally, they’ve changed their product promotion and merchandising to reflect more sustainable practices.

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